I have immense gratitude to Ilya for being my co-founder, my friend, and the officiant at my civil ceremony.

Together, we charted the path of what OpenAI would become today. When we started in late 2015, OpenAI was a non-profit with a mission to make AGI go well but without a

“Deflated” is our companion piece to “air head”; first experiment with @OpenAI 's #Sora - this time combining real world actors and locations with generated videos.

not gpt-5, not a search engine, but we’ve been hard at work on some new stuff we think people will love! feels like magic to me.

monday 10am PT.

First official commissioned music video made with @OpenAI Sora for @realwashedout

This was an idea I had almost 10 years ago and then abandoned. Finally was able to bring it to life.

Watch the full video here https://vimeo.com/941713443

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