Get the Fooocus app for customizable settings, different resolutions, and even a turbo preset for an enhanced user experience!

Customize your Focus config file to easily set up default settings, resolutions, file paths, and presets. Save time and effort by personalizing your settings, creating separate presets, and optimizing your model and download preferences. Make your Focus experience unique and efficient. Turbocharge your workflow with SDXL! Add some spice to your Focus and watch your creativity soar! 💥🚀

Customizing Your Focus Config File 🛠️

In this video, I want to show you how to make the most of your focus config file by setting up your own default settings, custom resolutions, model file paths, and presets. If you find yourself constantly changing the same settings when opening Focus, or if you want a separate preset to easily use sdxl turbo without having to switch things over, then this is for you.

Let’s get started by navigating to the focus folder. You’ll find two files here: the config file and the config modification tutorial. The config file serves as the basics of what the config file is for. On the other hand, the template in the config modification tutorial folder allows you to change several default settings. By selecting all the text in the template and pasting it into the main config file, you can set your default settings whenever you start the basic run.bat.

Setting Description
Focus Folder Contains the config file and config modification tutorial
Config File Contains the basic run settings
Config Modification Tutorial Includes a template for changing default settings

Default Settings and Presets 🖥️

Right below the paths, you’ll find your default model, default refiner, Lura section, default styles, and default negative prompt. In addition, you can easily add or replace resolutions and set the default resolution. Moreover, you have settings in the debug menu that will be useful in our turbo preset, which we will get into next.

Setting Description
Default Model Juggernaut version 8 and previous versions
Refiner and Switch Settings Set a default refiner and switch setting
Debug Menu Settings Perfect for the turbo preset

Turbo Preset Creation 🌀

Now, let’s create an easy preset for sdxl Turbo or any preset you’d like. By adding an additional run bat that will start Focus with your sdxl settings ready to go, you can save time and effort.

Firstly, make a copy of one of the presets in the focus folder and rename it to ‘turbo’. Then, edit the new file to include your desired settings such as the dream shaper XL turbo model, CFG scale, sampler, default text prompt, default resolution, and more.

Turbo Preset Features
Model Dream Shaper XL Turbo
CFG Scale Personal preference
Sampler DPMP SDE

Finally, create a new run bat and make the necessary changes to indicate turbo settings. After starting the new run bat, you should see your turbo model selected and all the settings correctly configured.

Remember, stability AI has a non-commercial license for the sdxl turbo models, so ensure you’re using them for personal or research use only.

I hope you found this helpful, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask! 🚀

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